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© Copyright OMID MARDAN 2023

© Copyright OMID MARDAN 2022

3D Visualization and Animation


About Me

As a skilled 3D artist and designer, I specialize in creating stunning visualizations and computer-generated images for various clients across the globe. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and over a decade of experience in the field, I have honed my expertise in modeling, rendering, animation, and art direction.
From product renders to interior design scenes, my work aims to bring my clients’ ideas to life in the most creative and effective way possible. I have collaborated with numerous companies and brands both in Iran and internationally, including Germany, Oman, Africa, and more.
Apart from my 3D skills, I am also well-versed in photography, videography, and editing, allowing me to approach projects from multiple angles and produce high-quality results. With a passion for design and an eye for detail, I take pride in delivering exceptional work that exceeds my clients’ expectations.

Find out which service is best for your product.

3D Product Viz

With 3D renderings you can highlight your product so that they look more beautiful and attractive and your customers will be convinced to buy from you.

3D Interior Viz

With high-end computer generated image, the product images become more trustworthy and thus sales increase.

3D Animation

My videos offer you an individual concept in the field of product presentation, precisely tailored to your niche.

Art Directing

I analyze your niche and competitors and then create a customized photo design concept for sales-boosting product images that fit your target group.

Present your products

In the best way...

Dyson vacume Head

3D visualization for product

Outstanding 3D Product visualization...,For top positions of your niche!

Check out my Animations…

Architectural Showreel 2017

Balsa Violet animation

Rassan install Animation – Alice Faucet

Rassan install Animation – Smart Faucet

My Clients

I like to work with clients to develop unique and creative visual content.

My Blogs: Tips, Tutorials, and Industry News

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